Kayla Kirkness

Fitness Coach

Helping you Believe. Achieve. Repeat.

Hi, I’m Kayla! If you believe you are worth your own love, time, and effort, the rest will follow because you are worth it!!

My Story

I am the owner of Coach Kay Fitness & Training. I have been a coach since 2017 and became nutrition certified in 2019. Health and fitness was not my first path, but really, who ends up where they thought they would anyway? Needless to say, I am grateful that my path led me here. I started my training career at Movati Athletic, then in October 2018 I made the decision to work for myself and structure my business to really focus on client quality.

I pride myself on educating my clients and being invested in their journey, both the mental and physical. I am on YOUR team. I do not promise rapid unsustainable results, but I do promise to teach you skills in and out of the gym to alleviate chronic pain, live a healthier and happier life, find self-confidence/self-acceptance, and enhance and increase your longevity and quality of life all the while increasing your muscle mass and losing a few inches.

My background and first passion were dance/gymnastics, I started dancing at a very young age and I had competed in dance for 8 years and even moved to Toronto at age 16! After I graduated and moved back home I found myself in the gym, trying to maintain my physical appearance, and trying to find a new outlet. I fell in love with the mental and physical push of working out as it mimicked the push I felt when I was training at the dance studio, not to mention with what it was doing for my body as well as my mental well being. I began educating myself on different programming styles and eventually got fully certified and decided to pursue a career in health and fitness.

The journey of finding self-love and self-acceptance is what really pushed me into doing what I do today. The journey of self-love, self-acceptance, and awareness is something I am passionate about and try to share with my clients as well as with as many people as possible.

As a trainer, I think it is important to be mindful of the mental journey that comes along with the physical. If you believe you are worth your own love, time, and effort, the rest will follow. You have to want it as bad as I want it for you because you are worth it.


My Qualifications

CanFitPro - Personal Training Specialist

Darby Training Systems - Hypertrophy Fundamentals

Darby Training Systems - Lean Body Coach

Darby Training Systems - Low Back Fundamentals

Darby Training systems - Kickboxing Fundamentals

Precision Nutrition Level 1

My Approach

My approach to training begins with YOU. Training is not one size fits all. We are all unique when it comes to our physical makeup as well as our emotional makeup which makes our journeys individualized. I tailor my programs to your personal needs and goals. I listen to you, I work with you, I educate you, and I prioritize your goals and desired outcomes. We become a team. My main motivation is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to get you the results you want while creating healthy lifestyle changes you can maintain for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to have someone on your team and help you make the lifestyle changes you’ve been wanting to make, set up a free consultation and we can talk about how to get started!


Don't Wait Any Longer. 

Believe. Achieve. Repeat.